Makaira Sports Fishing Charters

Stop wishing and Go fishing with the largest, safest, most experienced and best equipped charter fleet in Fiji for a fun day of fishing.

In 2004 we started off in humble beginnings discovering all the incredible fishing grounds in the surrounding waters of Taveuni, Fiji.  Over the years  from feedback from anglers, we have grown towards creating a fleet of boats to encompass all of our various anglers fishing styles and budgets.

Makaira Sports Fishing and Charter Fleet

Makaira has one of the largest, safest,  well equipped charter fishing fleets in Fiji with your With 3 boats to choose from to fit any anglers needs and budget for a day of fun and exciting fishing in our surrounding pristine waters.

Sea Afare

Sea Afare Taveuni Fishing Charters

Boat and Equipment

The Sea Afare is  33 ft with new twin 250 Yamahas, She is a comfortable,   luxurious purpose built boat designed for Fiji waters and all types of anglers and techniques to pursue the large selection of sports fishing species in our surrounding water.  Complete with below deck Head and 2 single beds.  She easily converts from Big Game fishing  with a Reelax  fighting chair to accommodate up to 6 anglers or stripped down for light tackle with large casting platforms fore and aft  to accommodate 4 anglers or 12 passengers.      Electronics include GPS, VHS, Depth recorder and Fish Finder. She meets all international safety regulations with EPRIB, life jackets, flare guns, and standard safety equipment


Half Day Charter (4 hours)      US$710

Three Quarter day (6 hours)    US$990

Full Day Charter (8 hours)     US$1,320

(Rates not inclusive of 15% Government tax)

Dream Time

Dream Time Taveuni Fishing Charters 1

Boat and Equipment

Dream Time is a soft riding 28’ Center console with a new 200hp Yamaha. Well equipped  with outriggers, Garmin GPS/Sonar/Fishfinder. She accommodates up to 4 anglers with a walk around deck along  with a bow safety rail.  She meets international safety standard. .


Half Day Charter (4 hours) US$500

Three Quarter day (6 hours) US$750

Full Day Charter (8 hours) US$950

(Rates inclusive of 15% Government tax)

Slam ‘Em

Slam 'Em Taveuni Fishing Charters

Boat and Equipment

Slam “em is 24 ft Center console with a new Yamaha 200hp engine.  Ideal for 1 or 2 light tackle anglers.   Center console with a walk around deck.  She has the same electronics as the other two boats and meets international safety standards.


Half Day Charter (4 hours)      US$350

Three Quarter day (6 hours)    US$450

Full Day Charter (8 hours)     US$625

(Rates not inclusive of 15% Government tax)

Your Captains

Your boat Captains have had many years of fishing in New Zealand as boat owners. They were further trained for a decade by the late Capt John Llanes who fished for 50 years, and in the surrounding waters of Taveuni for almost 2 decades.  He has taught them every fishing trick and showed them every angling hot spots for whatever your salt water target species happens to be. They are professionals who not only focus on fishing but also on their anglers needs and safety

For the really adventuresome that want to range further into virgin waters ask us about overnight charters.

Fishing Grounds

Pristine and abundant waters surround your home base of Taveuni, Fiji. All the various prime fishing habitats are here and begin five minutes after launching, opening up to a virtual vastness of fishing grounds in every direction. Don’t expect to find another boat out there.  You can expect to find the Somosomo straits and out laying areas to be dotted with acres of birds and teeming baitfish, primarily skipjack, small Yellow Fin Tuna, scads, flying fish, mackerel and ballyhoo. Within the day range, anglers can expect to find all types of pelagic and reef fish as the topography is varied with ribbon reefs, pinnacles, islands, channels, outer reefs, straits, drop offs and sandy flats. Every direction is full of possibilities for an exciting, productive day of fishing. Depending on the angler’s preference and with some seasonal variability, they can fish for Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi-mahi, and Yellow fin Tuna.   For the reef fisherman who enjoys casting there is Giant Trevally, Blue Fin Trevally, Barracuda, Walu, and Dogtooth Tuna as well as some other Brand X’s.