Makaira Resort Featured Videos

A collection of videos from or featuring Makaira Resort. Sit back and take a quick tour, or learn how to prepare fresh Wahoo for evening dinner !

Diving Taveuni

Fish and corals of every colour await the adventurous under the water. Whet the appetite with this video featuring scenes from some of the incredible dive locations on the Rainbow Reef and around the Somosomo Strait.


Makaira Resort Video Tour

Take a relaxing musical tour around Makaira’s beautiful accommodations and grounds, plus scenes in and around the Garden Island of Taveuni.


Makaira Snorkeling Video Tour

You don’t need to dive deep to experience some of Taveuni’s magical marine life – all you need is a snorkel and some fins. Clownfish, crabs and corals accompanied by a classical soundtrack. Take a break, sit back with a coffee and relax for a few minutes…


Stop Wishing, Lets Go Fishing

Deep sea fishing is one of our passions – one of the many reasons why guests choose to stay at Makaira. Some tropical tunes to get your foot tapping whilst we set sail in search of Marlin, Wahoo and Yellowfin…


Marlin on a Spinner

A video here of one of our guests reeling in a Marlin whilst on a fishing expedition just offshore in the Somosomo Strait.


Wahoo Cooking Preparation

What to do with a Wahoo caught fresh from the ocean ? Here’s an expert tutorial on how fillet, prepare and cook a healthy dish for dinner…