Fishing in Fiji

Fishing in Fiji

Fishing in Fiji is an undiscovered hot spot for sports fishing enthusiasts. The 300 islands that constitute Fiji are surrounded by pristine waters with an abundance of reefs with various configurations and passages that support resident and pelagic fish for all types of fish angling techniques.

Being undiscovered along with seasonal water temperatures of between 75-84 degrees has the advantages of seasonal pelagic big game migrations. More importantly there is no pressure on the Fishery, especially on Taveuni where one may be the only boat fishing a vast blue ocean filled with opportunities for an epic day of fishing. It is a rare occurrence to go fishing and come back empty handed.

However one should be mindful and choose charter boats that are well equipped/appointed along with safety gear and a qualified Captain for a comfortable, professional and safe day of fishing. For the more budget minded and cavalier one can charter a little local boat and boatman and hand line fish. A cautionary note is for the angler to be aware of how much fuel is in their container along with basic safety gear. Be extremely cautious about boating larger game fish with bills and teeth.

Types of Fishing

There are not an abundance of fishing tackle stores in Fiji, none exist on the outer islands including Taveuni. The Sea Afare is equipped for big game trolling with heavier tackle. For fly fishing, popping, jigging, light tackle and spear fishing, bring your own tackle and outfits.

Type of Fish and Fiji Fishing Seasons

An angler could potentially catch any type of fish any time of the year. But there tends to be seasons with higher populations of game fish species.

Year round we have Skipjack tuna and smaller Yellow fin tuna, Giant Trevally, Blue Trevally, Walu, Barracuda, Wahoo and other apex reef predators. Then there are some seasonal fish. Blue and Black Marlin and big Yellow Fin Tuna from November through March, although there are resident Marlin. Fiji tends to follow after the Marlin season on the Great Barrier reef. Sailfish tend to arrive from late June through September, and Mahimahi from August through October.

The Lives of Wives of Fishermen

The Fishermans’s Widow

We have heard of the fish wife or sometimes more accurately the fish widow, who gets so fed up from changing light bulbs, mowing lawns, and doing home repairs by herself that in a moment of rage and frustration tells her husband that either she goes or the boat goes. This wifely statement immediately sends the husband fleeing to the safety of his fishing pals to commiserate on how much he is going to miss his wife, while secretly rejoicing about having more unfettered fishing time.
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In the News: Big Isle woman restores Fijian reefs by planting coral

Makaira Resort owner Roberta Davis makes the news in this article by Robert Kay in Hawaii’s Star Advertiser.

Article excerpt

Roberta Davis, who resides in Taveuni, Fiji’s Garden Island, has turned a coral planting project at Makaira Resort, the place she owns with her husband, John LlanEs, into a tourism attraction.

“The Fiji government understands that people get their livelihood from healthy reefs
and that visitors travel from around the world to see them. I’ve had tourists tell me that our inshore reef is the most beautiful that they’ve ever experienced.”

Fishing GT’s with Capt. John Llanes on the Sea Afare

Over the years we have been fortunate to have many GT anglers of various skill levels grace the decks of the numerous boats we have had along the way. After a few prototypes we got Islander boats to build and design the ultimate fishing boat for Taveuni for all types of anglers.

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