Above or below the water, there's plenty to do at Makaira Resort.

At Makaira Resort there’s plenty to keep you busy if you’re not too busy just relaxing. Choose some our exciting, adventurous and cultural activities during your stay with us and make a more memorable vacation.


Spend a relaxing day exploring the calm seas in our kayaks, or try your luck with some kayak fishing !

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Island Tours

Taveuni is one of the most beautiful islands in Fiji with so much to do by land or by sea. Makaira uses locally owned privately contracted drivers who are more than happy to take you anywhere to want to go.

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Fishing with Makaira

On any given day, you can expect to find the Somosomo Straits and outlying areas to be dotted with acres of birds and teeming baitfish, primarily skipjack, small Yellow Fin Tuna,  Scads, Flying fish, Mackerel, Ballyhoo.

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Boat Snorkel Tours

For those that would like to explore our pristine  reefs in further locations, we offer a boat snorkel tour.  It  is almost like a Nat Geo adventure that can be full of surprises like porpoises surfing along the boat, or coming across whales or Mantas on our journey to the sites.

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Dive the Rainbow Reef

Dive and experience a world of underwater colour in the pristine waters of the Somosomo Strait and the numerous world class dive sites of the Rainbow Reef.

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Cultural Evening

We believe the best cultural events are the authentic ones that the villages perform. Usually on a weekly basis from April through October during the high season they present a traditional Kava ceremony

Fiji Culture

Relax !

Experience some true Fiji Time – relax on our white sandy beach or chill out at the Cabanah with a long cool drink and enjoy the view.

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