Scenes from Makaira Resort and around the Garden Island of Taveuni.

Snorkeling the Reef

Thanks to our coral reef gardening initiative we have a fantastic reef just offshore for you to explore with free use of our snorkel gear (and lots of other goodies) available in The Toy Shed.

Explore the Reef

Coral Reef Conservation

At Makaira we are passionate about rebuilding and maintaining a healthy reef system with our ongoing coral gardening program, and many of our guests lend a hand too !

See the reef

Building an Artifical Reef

Creating small artificial reefs are a great way to help nature get a good start. These are 25 sq ft constructed by transplanting corals grown on the ropes to a concrete block anchor, rebar frame and ropes.

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Growing Corals

We grow our corals on ropes before transplanting to the artificial reef, or use coral fragments and plant them to grow in the wild. Here we see the coral ropes ready for harvest, our happy coral gardeners planting new fragments, and some images of the reef before planting, and now beginning to flourish.

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