Dog Day Afternoon: An Epic Spearfishing Tale from Taveuni

For as long as humans have existed, the older generation has looked upon the new generation with dismay and wonders “what is it coming too?” However, every once in a while we meet a young person who possesses the qualities that give us hope for the future of mankind.

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The Lives of Wives of Fishermen

The Fishermans’s Widow

We have heard of the fish wife or sometimes more accurately the fish widow, who gets so fed up from changing light bulbs, mowing lawns, and doing home repairs by herself that in a moment of rage and frustration tells her husband that either she goes or the boat goes. This wifely statement immediately sends the husband fleeing to the safety of his fishing pals to commiserate on how much he is going to miss his wife, while secretly rejoicing about having more unfettered fishing time.
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Fishing GT’s with Capt. John Llanes on the Sea Afare

Over the years we have been fortunate to have many GT anglers of various skill levels grace the decks of the numerous boats we have had along the way. After a few prototypes we got Islander boats to build and design the ultimate fishing boat for Taveuni for all types of anglers.

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