Fishing with Makaira

On any given day, you can expect to find the Somosomo Straits and outlying areas to be dotted with acres of birds and teeming baitfish, primarily skipjack, small Yellow Fin Tuna,  Scads, Flying fish, Mackerel, Ballyhoo.

Kayak Fishing

We are the first operation in Fiji to offer fishing kayaks for hire or for those avid experienced kayakers that want to take a day just exploring the coastline in a high tech kayak. 

For fishing our location is ideal, from the point you can see if there are any bird or bait schools working.  The prime fishing spots are a couple of miles offshore or sunken pinnacles and reefs for the more adventuresome.  The two coves on either side of us are Marine Reserves, so they are off limits since they are an essential part of the brood pond for surrounding reefs. 

Equipment: Two Ocean Kayak Prowler Elite, anglers’ edition.  Their length is 4.5 meters or 15 feet.  Each Kayak is fully rigged with rudder, sea anchor, seat, Scotty rod holder, Carlyle composite 2220 paddles, angler edition life jacket with pockets.  For more information about these kayaks please check them out at  Bring your own gear and a GPS for angling and be prepared for some very strong Fish (and lots of them have teeth). 

Price: US$50 / day

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Sadly Captain John passed away since the writing of the article above but we are able to find local charter boats to tow the kayak out further from the nearby reefs for the truly daring, adventuresome and experienced Kayak anglers.

Exciting Charter Fishing Adventures on Taveuni

Within the day range, anglers can expect to find all types of pelagic and reef fish as the topography is varied with ribbon reefs, pinnacles, islands, channels, outer reefs, straits and sandy flats. Every direction is full of possibilities for an exciting, productive day of fishing.

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